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Leather Experts Blog

A Message From The Directors

Over the last several years we have been restoring all types of leather and leather articles. These include; furniture, car upholstery, shoes, brief cases, luggage as well as handbags. By far the largest feedback we received from our customers was the satisfaction of receiving a fully restored handbag. This prompted us to concentrate on the restoration of your pride and joy.

We realise that handbags are expensive and this normally dictates that the leather used is of a very high quality. Add this to the fact that your handbag also carries a high sentimental value, a good and professional cleaning and restoration service will give your handbag the makeover it deserves.

Without our customers handbagmakeover.co.uk will not exist so we thank you for your business and we appreciate feedback from you of any description.

Thank you for considering handbagmakeover.co.uk for supplying the tender loving care your handbag deserves.

If you have any feedback or feel we can improve any aspect of our service, I would urge you to contact me by phone on 07885 638377 or by email using the contact button at the top of the page.

Mr Paul Trugunno - Director