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Our Guarantee

We Send Your Handbag Securely

Sent Securely

After restoration, your handbag will be sent securely

Your handbag will be returned to you in exactly the same way as you sent it to us. If you are looking for a more secure method of sending, we can arrange a courier service, but this will cost considerably more.
We Restore To The Best Of Our Ability

Best of Our Ability

We will restore your handbag to the best of our ability

With a lifetimes experience of leather, leather manufacture and leather usage, we are confident that all decisions taken for the cleaning and restoration of your handbag will be correct. 100% successful. That is our goal.
We Offer NO False Claims

No False Claims

We will not promise anything if we can't achieve it

If we cannot restore your bag, we will tell you.
We only restore after ensuring the process is ok with you.
We only do work that the handbag requires.
If we consider that the restoration of your handbag will not be 100% successful we will tell you prior to any work.

We Keep You Well Informed

Kept Well Informed

During restoration, you will be kept informed of the progress

You will be informed of the safe receipt of your handbag.
You will be kept informed of the work in progress.
You will be kept informed of anything untoward.
You will be informed when the work is complete.
Also when you should expect to receive your handbag.

We Have A Strict Pricing Policy

Pricing Policy

We keep to a pricing policy giving you excellent value

Our prices have been calculated against the time and products used to do specific tasks. If some prices seem excessive it is normally caused by the amount of time that is needed to clean and restore leather to the highest level.

We Have High Security Measures In Place


Whilst with us, your handbag is kept in our warehouse with high security

Our workshops are secure and insured against theft, accidental damage and fire. The safety of your handbag is as important to us as the work we do.