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Leather Experts Blog

We Are The Best!

If you have a handbag that is stained, dirty, scruffy or otherwise looking the worse for wear then we have a service for you.

Our experience comes from over 40 years in the tannery industry and more than 50 years in the care, maintenance and restoration of leather in most of its applications.

By using this understanding of how various leather types are made and combining this with knowledge about cleaning methods and chemistry we can be confident in finding solutions to most problems encountered by our clients.

Who Are We?

Paul Tragunno

Leather Master Craftsman



How much improvement can we make?

Our previous work speaks for itself. Look on our Examples page to see previously repaired leather handbags.

Friendly Service

On receipt of your handbag, it will enter out secure workshop and be handled by our leather experts.
We will provide updates on the status of your handbag.
Once the work is completed, we will email you a photograph of your rejuvenated handbag.
We package your handbag securely, so it is returned how it leaves our factory.
If we decide we cannot help or you don’t want to proceed to payment we will return your handbag by the same secure route.

We Offer Excellent Value

A basic clean of a “standard” handbag made from pigmented leather will cost £37.50
Naked, nubuck or suede leather will cost from £47.50
Dye transfer from jeans, newsprint and similar stains from £40.00
Scuffs, scratches and similar damage in pigmented leather £65.00
For a full list, please see our Price Guide page.

Guarantee and insurance.

All work done is guaranteed for 6 months from return date. Bags in transit are insured against loss up to the value stated on the enquiry form. See our Guarantee page.

All prices include VAT