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Company Registration Number: 9997871

Who are we at Handbag Makeover?

Over 30 years ago, we began working to restore all types of leather, from furniture to automotive, to handbags, luggage, clothing and shoes. We realised that there was a need to repair handbags. This included zip, lining and handle replacement and repairs so we teamed up with who we believe is the best leather worker in the country, cobbler.co.uk.

We can help bring damaged or spoiled items back to a nearly new, or properly restored appearance. Thus making the items useable and enjoyable once again.

Our experience comes from over 47 years in the tannery industry and nearly 60 years in the care, cleaning and restoring leather in most of its applications.

By using this understanding of how various leather types are made and combining this with knowledge about cleaning methods and chemistry, we can be confident in finding solutions to most problems encountered by our clients.

Where has this idea come from?

Handbag Makeover has sprung from the large number of inquiries we received through our Care 4 Leather website, showing that handbags are an area where people often experience problems that spoil their enjoyment of a favorite or special handbag. If we can help bring these items back to a useable condition or even back to an "as-new" appearance, then we think this is a service people will wish to take advantage of.