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Cleaning Leather

Q. Where does your handbag go?
Commuting? Shopping? Working? Nights out?
Its not surprising that handbags get worn, dirty and even stained.

Q. What's in your handbag?
Pens? Perfume? Lipstick? Liquids?
A favorite bag could very quickly be spoiled by any of these potential dangers.

Our Understanding

From our background we understand how to deal with these problems and can follow proven methods and techniques to remove/reduce them in many types of leather. Our track record and library of past cleaning work gives us the confidence and professional skill to handle these problems with care and precision on even the most valued and loved handbag, be it fairly new or vintage leather.

The more information you can give us on the enquiry form about the stain and how it happened, how long ago and so on will help us to build a specific and exact method for dealing with the specific problem for you. We don’t believe in a “splash, dash and hope” method of cleaning as seen by other less scrupulous operators.

What We Can Deal With

Not all leather is the same and not all stains, marks and spills are the same either, so why treat them all in the same way?

Most food and drink stains including greasy food, tannin stains from tea, coffee, cola etc.
General soiling from commuting, travel and busy lifestyles
Ink and biro marks (depending on leather type, age and extent)
Lipstick and other cosmetic stains
Petrol and diesel spots
Rain marks
Light dye transfer

What do we sometimes struggle with?

Heavy dye transfer on very light colour leather
Old and accumulated stains on nubuck or aniline leather types
Marker pen ink
Toner ink
Some stains caused by very hot liquid spills from food or drink
Especially on suede and nubuck leather
Even though we feel we have dealt with most problems over the years, there is always something new and different coming through the door.

We are constantly learning new methods & techniques that improve results on even the most problematic situations.