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How we can restore your leather handbag.

Handbag Cleaning

Not all leather is the same and not all stains, marks and spills are the same either. So why treat them all in the same way? We inspect each article and with over 30 years collective experience in leather and determine the best possible cleaning methods.

Handbag Dyeing / re-colouring

We can use fillers to bring back deep scratches to an even surface, apply dyes and pigments to replace and blend away colour variation from faded or bleached leather.

Full repairs

We can replace missing accessories such as zip-pulls, buttons, clasps or other detailed items. Broken straps can be re-attached and inner linings repaired.


See our restored bags to date.

Water Stains & Scuffs

16 Days

Denim Dye Transfer

9 Days

Worn Corners

9 Days

Faded From Sunlight

11 Days

Damage From Hot Cooking Fat

5 Days

Heavy Scuffing

8 Days

About Handbag Makeover Ltd

Company Registration Number: 9997871

Who are we at Handbag Makeover Ltd?

Two friends have been working in collaboration for over 10 years, working at problem solving for customers who have had issues with leather products. These products have ranged from car leather to sofas, leather jackets and handbags. We can help bring damaged or spoiled items back to a nearly new, or properly restored appearance. Thus making the items usable and enjoyable once again.

Our experience comes from over 40 years in the tannery industry and more than 30 years in the care, cleaning and restoring leather in most of its applications.

By using this understanding of how various leather types are made and combining this with knowledge about cleaning methods and chemistry, we can be confident in finding solutions to most problems encountered by our clients.

Where has this idea come from?

Handbag Makeover Ltd has sprung from the large number of inquiries we received through our Care 4 Leather website, showing that handbags are an area where people often experience problems that spoil their enjoyment of a favorite or special handbag. If we can help bring these items back to a usable condition or even back to an "as-new" appearance, then we think this is a service people will wish to take advantage of.

Customer Reviews

Real messages received by us from our customers.

Hi Alan - A friendly, professional and highly communicative response. I was kept updated through various media throughout the process, leaving me with nothing to worry or wonder about. My Balenciaga has been restored to its former self - can't wait to use it again! I was initially anxious to send my bag out to the unknown, but I'm so glad I did - I can't recommend Alan and his team enough. Thank you.

Lucy W Cleaning & Colouring

Hi Alan, The package arrived on Friday, and you've done a terrific job with both bags. Thank you so much. Kind regards

Catherine 1 Cleaned & 1 De-odourised

Just to say how delighted I have been with the cleaning of my bag! thought it would be impossible to remove stain! would also like to compliment perfect customer service! Many Thanks

Martine Heavy degreasing

Hi Alan, sorry should have sent this sooner but wanted to contribute to your testimonials and reviews on your website. I just wanted to say that you provided a great service, you kept me informed throughout and the finish on my handbag was amazing. I'm so happy with it and deffinatly recommending you to others. Thanks again.

Emma Clean & Re-colour & Re-protected

Alan - I have received both bags today. I am very pleased with the end product. I will definitely be sending more bags to you in the future! Very great work, highly recommended!

Lydia Deep Cleaning & Re-colour

Thanks again for doing my bag so beautifully. It's great to have it back.

Mary Total Re-colour

Hi, Hello – the bag arrived back today. Looks good! Thank you very much. Best wishes

Susan Light Cleaning & Re-colour

Hi Alan I've just opened the box, reckon you got more tape on it than me! Seriously though, I'm really pleased with the result. The bag was scuffed and in need of attention, and you've got it looking again like the smart, classy item it really is. I'm really looking forward to returning it to my friend now, honestly! My thanks again for a great job. With kind regards

Jane Repaired scuffs & Scratches before re-colouring

Dear Alan, We just wanted to thank you for the marvelous job you did to the Chanel Handbag. The bag looks magnificent. We are absolutely thrilled. Thank you again.

Pete and Pam Re-colouring & Re-vitalising

Hi Alan - Thank you for the safe return of my bag. You have done a wonderful job and it is looking as good as new! You have kept me informed of the makeover progress through the whole process, which has been very reassuring. There didn't seem to be many options for how I was going to get my bag clean & back to normal, so I am very glad I found handbag makeover & I would recommend your service to anyone with a leather handbag in a spot of trouble!

Leah Cleaned after fading in the sun

Dear Alan, Just want to let you know that I have received my bag in the post. Thank you again, I'm so impressed! The stain is completely removed and I can't see any traces of it at all. I will definitely recommend Handbag Makeover to any of my friends who need a bag restored or cleaned. Regards,

Holly Light Cleaning

Thank you for making such a super job of my handbag, It arrived safely this morning. I am delighted with it.

Val Mould removal & Re-colour

Many thanks for the safe return of my blue leather Hobbs handbag. You did a good job! I look forward to using the bag again tomorrow. Kind regards

Jean Colouring

WOW.. just received my bags back!!! Can't tell how pleased I am with what you have restored and how fab they. I am very grateful and will recommend your to anyone who has a problem with theirs.

Not only the quality but the service I received from your good self, keeping me in touch all the way!!

Sarah Deep clean, handles degreased & total re-colour

Alan - Just a line to say thank you very much for the good work you did on my Tula handbag. I could not believe the transformation! It is now bagged up to wait for next spring! Regards

Janet Light Cleaning & Re-colour

Our Restoring team

See our team who will be restoring your handbag.


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Why use us?

If you have a handbag that is stained, dirty, scruffy or otherwise looking the worse for wear then we have a service for you.

Our experience comes from over 47 years in the tannery industry and nearly 60 years in the care, maintenance and restoration of leather in most of its applications.

By using this understanding of how various leather types are made and combining this with knowledge about cleaning methods and chemistry we can be confident in finding solutions to most problems encountered by our clients.

How much improvement can we make?

Our previous work speaks for itself. Look on our Examples page to see previously repaired leather handbags.

We Offer Excellent Value

A basic clean of a “standard” handbag made from pigmented leather will cost £37.50
Naked, nubuck or suede leather will cost from £47.50
Dye transfer from jeans, newsprint and similar stains from £40.00
Scuffs, scratches and similar damage in pigmented leather £65.00
For a full list, please see our Price Guide page.

Guarantee and insurance

All work done is guaranteed for 6 months from return date. Bags in transit are insured against loss up to the value stated on the enquiry form. See our Guarantee page.

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Tell us what's wrong with your handbag.

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