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Our Price Guide

A basic clean of a “standard” handbag made from pigmented leather from £35.00
A basic clean of naked, nubuck or suede leather will cost from £45.00
Dye transfer from jeans, newsprint and similar stains from £40.00
Scuffs, scratches and similar damage in pigmented leather from £35.00
A basic clean and total recolour from £80.00
Odour removal (Can take up to 7 days) from £45.00
Water stain removal from £40.00
Tears in the leather (not on aniline or nubuck leather) from £50.00
Cigarette burns (not on aniline or nubuck leather) from £50.00
Ink removal (ball point pen) from £40.00
Makeup removal from £35.00
Grease spot removal from £45.00

This guide is exactly that, a guide only. If you require a more in depth price guide, please send us an email with a photo of the problem attached and we will quote with more certainty. On receipt of your handbag, we will work out the exact quote and contact you before we start the work. If the quote is too high, you change your mind or decide against handbagmakeover running the restoration for you, we will simply return your bag in the same manner as you sent it to us with NO charge.

All Prices Exclude VAT