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Stained Handbag

What Can Happen?

Whether we use the same bag every day or just for high days and holidays accidents can and do happen to them. Examples of this may be a simple scuff from a wall or rough floor, to cuts from broken glass, sharp edges, maybe even tears from snagging the bag on a door handle as you walk past.

Any of these accidents can spoil the appearance and enjoyment of the bag, and more importantly, will lead to faster deterioration of the damaged areas as the protective surface finish may have been removed or broken, allowing deeper penetration of dirt and soil into the damaged zone. We can restore this damage in most situations back to an as-before condition (there’s no point in making an as-new repair onto a vintage ‘bag that carries its years as a sign of its quality and much loved use).

Our Practices

Handbag Makeover use a variety of product types to make damage virtually invisible – we can use fillers to bring back deep scratches to an even surface, apply dyes and pigments to replace and blend away colour variation from faded or bleached leather. We have a range of adhesives for different applications depending on the situation and type of damage seen.

Where seams have come undone we can re-sew these (as long as the original sewing line can be reused) or we can rebuild the edges of worn corners etc to hide worn surfaces.

Limitations of our service:
We cannot replace missing accessories such as zip-pulls, buttons, clasps or other detail items because of the sheer variety of designs used. If you have the original piece still in your possession we may be able to reuse it, but this will be assessed on a case by case basis.

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