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Terms and Conditions

1. All prices on the website are a guideline only. On receipt of your handbag, we will assess the work that needs doing and contact you with an exact price. If this is agreeable, we will then and only then, start the work.
2. By sending your handbag, you agree that we can undertake the cleaning and restoration incorporating our extensive skill and knowledge, to the best of our ability.
3. You agree for us to use email as a tool for long distance and quick communication.
4. We require a contact telephone number to enable us to contact you.
5. Payment for all work done should be received before sending the goods back to you.
6. We accept most major credit cards and we never retain your credit card information
7. We will retain your contact details for a maximum of six months.
8. We will never pass on any of your information to third parties unless we ask your permission first.
9. We use the Post Office (signed for next day by 13.00) as our standard delivery method.
10. Goods sent by the above can be insured up to £500.00. For goods to be insured at a higher value will cost a little more.
11. You are responsible for your handbag reaching us safely.
12. We are responsible for your handbag while in our possession.
13. Goods sent by us. If they do not reach their intended destination, we will claim on your behalf and the level of compensation will be paid to you once we have received the said amount from the delivery company.
14. If we work to your exact instructions and the results are not to your liking, we cannot be held responsible.
15. We have the right to refuse work if we consider the work cannot be carried out to a high standard.
16. We will email a photograph of all work carried out and once you have seen this and agreed the fee, you have agreed to the work being carried out in a true and proper manner.
17. If you insist on us doing work that we advise against, we cannot be held responsible for poor results.
18. If we encounter problems during the restoration of your handbag, you will be informed of the problems, any increase in completion time and any increase in cost.
19. Our aim is to produce a used handbag which looks like new. If your opinion differs from ours and you consider your handbag not to look new after its return, we will not be held liable to replace new for old.
20. We openly encourage customers to give us their feedback, regardless of the feedback containing praise or complaint.
21. No complaints can be acted upon after 7 days of the return of your handbag.
22. If your handbag, when sent to us, is aniline leather and very worn and dirty, re-colouring will give a different surface look. We will inform you that the colour will be "solid" because fault coverage on aniline leather is not possible.
23. We reserve the right to use photographs, taken by us, of your soiled and restored handbag. If you do not want us to do this, please inform us. Any photographs that you supply to us will remain your property and will never be used by us unless we receive your permission to do so.